tarot card illustration - because everyone else is doing it!

Tarot cards are so in right now and it seems like every artist I follow is working on their own set of cards, and honestly I kinda wish I had thought of it sooner. Now if I were to decide to embark on my own deck it would feel very unoriginal.


That doesn’t mean I’ve totally ruled out the idea, because look at how cute this death card is! I did a quick mockup after I had the idea for the death card in particular. I would likely redo this one if I were to create a deck. I’d want to work on the hand-lettering. In fact, that’s sort of a great reason for me to do this project. Hand-lettering and people are kind of my weak areas and there are lots of opportunities to practice both in tarot card art.

Truth be told I love tarot cards. I wouldn’t say I “believe” in them per se, but I love the art work on them and I love the idea of pulling a card each day just for fun. I had a deck when I was a teenager but I got rid of it and I wish I didn’t! I might have to treat myself to a deck for Christmas.