i'm finally putting in time and practice into hand lettering

Illustrated by Jess Couture in the Procreate app

Illustrated by Jess Couture in the Procreate app

I've admired the hand lettering craft for ages and I've finally decided that I want to learn the technical skills required to make beautiful hand-lettered pieces.

I found Dina Rodriguez of Letter Shoppe and Women of Illustration, and fell down the rabbit hole that is her content. Something about her really clicked with me, so when I ended up at her Patreon page I purchased some of her lettering workbooks knowing that now was finally time to learn that thing I've been wanting learn, and Dina was the one who would teach me.

I've binged all of the Women of Illustration podcast episodes already, and you have to check them out. Dina is such a great interviewer and covers topics that all creatives want to hear about. She really is herself in everything she does and I feel like she's the right balance of encouraging and tough as a teacher. I'm excited to learn all the things from her! 

Go find Dina!