I'm going to start a podcast!

Have you ever really wanted to try something but fear held you back? Yeah me too. Soooo many times! What were we so afraid of? Well I don’t know about you, but here are some of the things that held me back from starting new projects:

  • I don’t know how to even start learning the technology required

  • I’m scared of what people will think

  • I don’t think I have anything new to say on this topic

  • What if it doesn’t work out

I could go on and on, but I’m not going to because none of these things really matter. That doesn’t mean they aren’t true or couldn’t happen. Maybe you don’t know the technology, but it’s never been easier to learn something new than it is right now. Maybe it won’t work out, but so what?

What if you could watch someone take an idea and work to execute it. You’d see all of their struggles and (hopefully) successes along the way. If they fail, you’ll see that it wasn’t the end of the world. If they succeed then you’ll see how much is possible if you just start!


All of these things (and many more) are things I am feeling right now, too. I’m feeling especially vulnerable to be opening myself up to be transparent about this process. If I fail this time, it will be in public. But my hope is that by showing you this process it will give you confidence to start the thing that’s been on your mind, whether it’s a podcast, a blog, a YouTube channel, or taking dance lessons. Whatever it is that’s nagging at you, I hope you’ll try it!

Originally I was thinking I would share this with my newsletter subscribers only, but I’ve since changed my mind. I want this to be available to look back on, and email is not the best place for that. Instead I’ll be dedicating one blog post a week to updates on the podcast. I’ll be letting you know what work I did that week, what I’ve learned, and what’s coming up for the following week. I’ll also be sharing details about the podcast like its title and mission and cover art here only! I may even ask for your help to name this thing. I’ve never been great at names. That’s why my blog is just my name. :P

Yesterday when I was walking to work I recorded this voice memo that sums up why I want to share this process. Please excuse the heavy breathing and sniffling. My walk to work is all uphill!

Watch for podcast updates every Sunday here on my blog. And if you want to be notified about each new post by email, you can set that up here!

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