Podcast update week 1: feeling the fear and doing it anyway

What happened this week

This week was the scary part…well it’s all scary part. But the start is always the hardest part of any big project. I announced my plan to start a podcast before I had done anything required to start a podcast, and that I would be documenting the whole process.

I also started brainstorming a lot. I reviewed notes I made last year when I was thinking of starting the podcast, as well as made a list of guests I would like to interview (full disclosure, they are all friends and acquaintances for now).

I made a list of values as well as a list of terrible show title ideas. I’m nervous to share this with you, but this is what I promised.



  • Everyone has time to incorporate creativity into their lives

  • Everyone can and should find a way to express themselves creatively

  • It’s never too late

  • Let’s break down people’s excuses

  • Time management/productivity/priorities for creatives

  • You don’t have to have a goal to quit your day job to do this thing

  • You don’t have to identify as an artist/dancer/musician/etc.

The purpose: why am I making this?

I want to talk about creativity. How we all have it, how we all need to express it, and how to overcome the perceived barriers holding us back. It will be a mix interviews with other creatives and with solo episodes.

Show title ideas

Ok so I just reviewed the list I had and I hate all of them. I’m deciding not to share them here because it’s just too embarrassing. I don’t normally open up comments on my blog posts, but this time I really need your help. After reading the values and purpose above, what show titles come to mind? If you don’t want leave them here you can email me. I just really suck at naming things and it’s a huge barrier for me whenever I’m trying to start anything, and it would mean the world to me if you could help me out. While I wait for your ideas I’ll add “brainstorm more name ideas” to the task list for next week and I’ll share my list then if I still haven’t picked one.

And with that excellent segue…

The plan for next week


This week I have my first booking in the sound booth! I’ve booked myself the max time of 2 hours and 50 minutes. So until then I’ll be spending my time writing down an outline for an “episode zero” where I will basically cover my background and what the premise of the show is. I’m not certain if this episode will get posted, but I wanted to have something to say while I’m getting familiar with the recording equipment, as well as to have something to take home and edit so I can also learn how to use Audacity which is the editing software I’ll be starting out with. I also want to try to get a proper intro and outro(?) recorded.


My first recording day! After recording I’ll be taking my audio files home and will probably spend the rest of the day editing it.


When shit really starts happening…

  • Reach out to 4 people for interviews

  • Book next recording session

  • Brainstorm show title ideas

  • Start thumbnail sketching podcast art ideas

I’ve decided I like the idea of including an audio clip in each of these weekly posts. It gives me practice recording myself speaking and I think of it as a sort of warmup to when shit gets really real. I hope you enjoy! Note that these do not indicate the quality of the recording that the podcast will be. These are just recorded on my phone with the voice memo app and the mic on my EarPods.