i did my first live stream on Twitch!

I finally did it! I’ve been wanting to get into live streaming for a while now, and I finally dove in. I had been putting it off for months because I kept telling myself that I didn’t know enough about the technical side of streaming, because I didn’t have any branding assets, because I hadn’t spent the time to get the back-end set up, and I hadn’t done much testing.

Jess Couture creating an animated GIF while live streaming on Twitch

Jess Couture creating an animated GIF while live streaming on Twitch

I was so nervous. At first it was just my boyfriend and a really close friend watching. Lurking actually, which was nice because it allowed me to concentrate and get used to just talking to myself, but it would have been nice if ONE of them could have let me know that my music was too loud and they couldn’t hear me speaking!

Eventually a Twitch user started engaging me in conversation, and kindly let me know about my audio issues. The conversation part was difficult. I didn’t think talking to people I couldn't see would be any easier than talking to people IRL, but I’m looking forward to practicing the art of chit-chat, because overall live streaming was REALLY FUN! The whole process kind of made me feel like I was creating my own TV show, which is kind of the point I guess.

This GIF was made from start to finish live on Twitch!

This GIF was made from start to finish live on Twitch!

What are my goals for my Twitch channel?

I want to build a community of creatives. You don’t have to be an artist to hang out with us on Saturdays. My hope is that my audience will create along with me. I want us to do challenges together like timed figure sketching and drawing while blindfolded, and I want to use Discord as a place for us to share the weird and wonderful things we’re working on. This is a community that supports creativity at all skill levels and abilities. There is no art elitism here.

I would love for you to come hang out with me on an upcoming Saturday to see what we get up to. And if you want to become a community member, drop me a follow over on Twitch to be notified when I go live.

I didn’t announce my first stream on social media because I was honestly hoping no one would show up so I could use it as a dry run, but going forward I will be announcing my streams on Instagram, so follow me there to stay up-to-date!

See you Saturday!

Oh… and you can still go watch the re-broadcast of my first live streaming experience (I believe the video stays on my profile for two weeks), but the audio is SOOOO bad. I don’t recommend it. Please don’t judge me. I’m new!! :P

chill + chatty sketchbook sessions - ep 001

Regular sketchbook practice is how artists learn and develop, and I’m guilty of treating my sketchbooks like places to collect my finished work rather than a place to play and experiment, or a place to practice the fundamentals.

It’s time to change that, because I know that it’s the only way I’m going to grow as an artist.

Enter the first episode of chill + chatty sketchbook sessions, where I get on camera with my sketchbook and a cup of coffee and catch up with you.

The first episode, like any new endeavour, wasn’t perfect. But by the end of if I knew what I wanted it to be going forward.

And I did learn some things about my art process, and picked up some new techniques that I want to continue to work into my future pieces.

One big takeaway for me was that I need to stop expecting that my piece will look amazing with the first layer of paint. I need to be ok with the ugly beginning and work it out with more layers until it becomes closer to what I imagined when I started.

Check out the first episode! Grab yourself a snack because it’s a long one, and why not sketch along with me while you’re at it?

announcement: i have an etsy shop!

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. If you click through and purchase with the link, I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for helping me buy art supplies. <3

It's been a looooong time coming, but I have finally figured out my printer so I can make prints of my original art at home to sell to you good folks! I have been wanting to do this for months, but I looked into getting prints of my art made and it turned out to be too expensive, so I had to save up to get my own printer. That also required some time to research, and then I got the printer and I had to figure out printing in general. You know, how to scan and edit my work so it resembled the originals as closely as possible. 

Anyway, since I extended my long weekend to 5 days, I spent most of that time working on getting this all sorted out, and today's the day I opened shop! I'm SO excited, and SO nervous. But I've watched so many videos on YouTube from people basically just saying to open the shop and you'll figure the rest out as you go. 

So here it is! My cute little shop on the internet. 

I'm starting by focusing on prints right now, because that's something I can make at home with relative ease, and I already have the supplies so I don't need to purchase anything else. I also don't have to store product as I can print-to-order. But in the future I definitely want to explore getting stickers made, and maybe enamel pins! Oh, and I'm definitely going to make some hand painted totes. Here's an example of that. I took a tote I already owned and customized it with Posca paint pens. I loved the process so much that I'm going to save up to buy some blank totes to paint and sell! 

I bought this tote from  The Outrage , and painted it with Posca paint pens!

I bought this tote from The Outrage, and painted it with Posca paint pens!

You can visit my shop here: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/JessCoutureArt