How to get your own gifs to show up in Giphy search

I’ve been approved to distribute gifs through Giphy! To find all of my gif stickers search “jesscouture”, and sign up to my newsletter to stay updated when I release more. I have so many ideas! To learn the steps I took to become a verified artist channel on Giphy, keep reading below.

Last year I saw that Sha’an d’Anthes (aka furrylittlepeach) announced that her own GIF creations could be used on Instagram stories. I didn’t immediately decide that I wanted to do the same thing, but over a few weeks the idea stewed somewhere in the back of my mind.

I’ve been making GIFs since I learned how in the summer, and I really love it! There’s something so delightful about seeing your illustrations animated and dancing around.


Then one day while I was working at my day job I had this idea to make a GIF of heart-shaped glasses with transparent pink lenses. I told my co-worker and she said “just in time for Valentines Day!” which gave me the idea to make a whole set of Valentines Day GIF stickers.


The pink transparent lens idea didn’t work. After I made it I was reading Giphy’s sticker creation guide and they said that all parts of the sticker must be either transparent or opaque, no in between.

Another thing I learned is that you can’t just upload your GIFs and tada! they’re available for Instagram Stories. You have to apply for an artist account on Giphy, and once you’re approved then your GIFs will be available in search.


Before you apply you need to have a few things added to your profile, namely a profile picture, links to your social media and/or your website, and 5-10 GIFs uploaded to your account so they can get an idea of the kind of work you do. After you submit your application it won’t take long to hear back. I got approved in about 24 hours.


And because it’s my pride and joy when it comes to GIFs I’ve made, even though it’s not a sticker, here’s one I made in August last year to celebrate Van Mural Fest.