Week two round up of the People Project

I succeeded at this project for a second week in a row! I’ve been finding it much easier than I expected and I’m seeing so much progress in my style. I can’t believe I tried to talk myself out of doing this project right before I started!

Here’s a roundup of what I drew this week. I’ll confess that I drew all 6 of these people in two days rather than one each day because I spent this week working on getting a project off the ground. It’s not an art related project, but it is another creative outlet so I may talk about it her briefly in a couple weeks once it’s been launched. That’s also the reason I’ve been absent from the blog this week. But rest assured I’ll be back Monday to Friday next week!

  1. A portrait of me and Graham

  2. My interpretation of some photos I found on Pinterest, heavily remixed from their originals